• The home of North American

    comfort food.

  • £45

    The mate date presents the cluck me sideways fried chicken tray


14 rotating taps of craft beer, Beer by the flight, Poutine, All American Brunch, G & T pots, Hard Shakes, Signature Cocktails, Sunday roasts & thanksgiving dinners, American inspired jazz, soul, funk, hip hop playlists.


Canada’s National Dish, home cooked skin on chips with Brewski’s authentic Beef or Vegetarian Gravy & Cheese Curds topped with all manner of delights
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Every day in the Brewski Kitchen, we freshly prepare hot meat specials & vegetarian dishes for your munching pleasure. These can fill a burrito, top a poutine or a Mac & Cheese
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Mac and cheese

Perfect Lunch snack, Buffalo Chicken & many more
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Try Our Platters / Boards

Brewski Brunch Board £40

A 20inch Board filled to the brim with Brunch goodies. Sausage Patties, Flat Iron steak, Smokey Bacon, Sweet Potato cakes, Poached or Fried eggs, Buttermilk pancakes, Maple syrup, Mushrooms, Beans, slow coooked tomatoes

Poutine Platter £27.5

Tonnes of skin on chips, Beef / Veg Gravy, cheese curds and 3 toppings of your choice including the daily specials

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